Trial Support

Nico.lab also offers services for contract research, and supports imaging in clinical trials. Our team specializes in providing imaging and image analysis-based core lab services to neurological trials. Nico.lab’s services centralize neuroimaging data management, analysis, and consultancy for all phases of clinical trials and research studies. With our services, we aim to support the understanding of new treatments by providing quantitative and the most relevant information. With extensive experience in all aspects of medical research, Nico.lab helps clinical neuroimaging trials with the following:

Neurovascular Image Analysis

Nico.lab’s team has experience in clinical research based on neurovascular imaging. We are familiar with all aspects of neurovascular imaging in clinical trials and are specialized in developing and applying AI techniques and automated methods to extract quantitative information from the image data to maximize the quality of medical studies. Our validated image analysis methods reduce inter-observer variability, which increases the statistical power of the trials. All image analyses are validated by experienced (neuro)radiologists to ensure the high quality of our quantitative analysis methods.

Medical Image Database Management

Nico.lab develops and maintains customized databases following the US and EU guidelines for the protection of patient confidentiality. All data are stored at secure private cloud servers with redundant storage. The databases can be exported to study sponsors for specific data analysis. Above all, we deliver data management and storage services that comply with all the needs of our clients.

Scientific Consultancy

Nico.lab provides study design consultation to maximize the quality of the medical research results. Nico.lab’s consulting services are specialized in: scientific data analysis and interpretation, related literature research, effective technical data reporting, and strict adherence to scientific journal standards. We help our clients to produce reports that facilitate the understanding and communication of their trials outcomes. Nico.lab produces and presents a detailed analysis of neurovascular imaging data in reports that can be used to support the preparation of content for regulatory submissions, presentations, and publications. In short, our scientific consulting services include:

  • Statistical evaluation of results of the neurovascular image analysis methods
  • Preparation of reports and white papers including an interpretive narrative of the study findings
  • Content development and assistance for scientific documents
  • Review of relevant scientific literature
  • Comparison of the produced results with the results reported in the relevant literature
  • Correlation and subgroup analysis of clinical and neuroimaging data