StrokeViewer enables physicians to provide every stroke patient with the right treatment in time

Empowers physicians every step of the stroke workflow

StrokeViewer is the solution for both hub and spoke centers by offering a wide range of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and a mobile miniPACS with full diagnostic viewer.

In primary stroke centers we equip physicians with quality checks and enhanced diagnostic capabilities on non-contrast CT and CTA, supporting them in identifying even the most difficult to find occlusions.

Our mobile mini-PACS with full diagnostic viewer ensures all physicians have the AI analysis and CT images at their fingertips, any time and any place, whether they are in the hospital or at home. The cloud-based solution allows for seamless image sharing between network hospitals.

Our advanced imaging capabilities, including vessel reconstruction for treatment planning, and automated perfusion analysis support intervention centers with getting patients directly to the angio-suite.

Occlusion detection

StrokeViewer LVO detects image characteristics associated with a Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO). This is done with expert-level sensitivity and specificity even for distal M2 occlusions. Our technology uses advance neural networks to reinforce the prediction confidence and to minimize false positives. This way we allow radiologists to rapidly make well-informed decisions and reduce the risk of missing patients eligible for treatment.

Perfusion analysis

CT perfusion (CTP) scans are used to quantify ischemic core and penumbra in the case of an occluded brain artery. The algorithm performing this quantification is very important, as it measures how much brain tissue can potentially be saved with emergency treatment. Perfusion maps on our DICOM Viewer help physicians make the best treatment decisions leading to better patient outcome.

Hemorrhage detection

We deliver superior accuracy in the automatic detection of hemorrhages within seconds. StrokeViewer® analyses the original head CTs and displays and overlay for easy interpretation. Our efficient AI algorithm shows excellent performance in segmenting and quantifying the most difficult cases on par with expert neuroradiologists. This provides phycisians with instant volumentric estimation

Occlusion location

With occlusion location, StrokeViewer precisely indicates where the LVO is. This way we allow stroke neurologists and radiologists to rapidly make well-informed decisions and reduce the risk of missing patients eligible for treatment. With the help of StrokeViewer, door to groin-puncture time can be reduced substantially, resulting in better patient outcome.

Collateral assessment

A better triage tool than the human eye. Highly accurate analysis of the collateral circulation on single-phase and time-invariant CTA images, providing quantitative measures to support radiologists. By combining an excellent vessel segmentation with an excellent thrombus detection, only the true collateral filling is assessed. Making it the most precise evaluation to date. This solution proves to be superior in predicting outcome and treatment efficacy as compared to the current expert-rated standard.

3D reconstruction

The 3D reconstruction feature enables the interventional specialist to create a 3D image of the brain vasculature. This is very helpful in preparing the Endovascular Thrombectomy (EVT) procedure.

How StrokeViewer supports radiologists

Our certified diagnostic viewer works like a mobile miniPACS and provides seamless and immediate image sharing with colleagues and network hospitals.

StrokeViewer empowers physicians in emergency care with artificial intelligence algorithms to assess all important biomarkers on CT and supports the entire stroke workflow.

The cloud-based solution ensures that authorized physicians can access StrokeViewer on any device, whether they’re in the hospital or at home.

StrokeViewer supports faster and more accurate diagnosis and decision making, resulting in more stroke patients getting the right treatment in time.

CT scans are pushed automatically to our secure cloud environment. An alert is sent to all medical specialists involved in the workflow, giving them instant access to the scan results.

StrokeViewer’s optimized workflow

CT scans are pushed automatically to StrokeViewer’s cloud environment. An alert is sent to all specialists involved, giving them instant access to the scan results on any mobile device from the hospital or at home, for diagnosis and choosing the best treatment.

Occlusion detection and location
3D vessel reconstruction
Hemorrhage detection
Mobile miniPACS
Certified diagnostic viewer
Seamless image sharing

Collateral assessment (pending)
CT perfusion (pending)
4D CTA (initiated)

Occlusion detection
3D vessel reconstruction
Mobile miniPACS
Certified diagnostic viewer
Seamless image sharing