Support the full radiological stroke workup

StrokeViewer is an integral solution that supports the full workup from scanner to report, using advanced AI technology and fast image transfer. Images are uploaded directly from the CT-workstation to our secure cloud environment. A notification is sent out to on call physicians that gives them instant secure access to the scans and AI findings in the hyperacute situation.

Cloud-based solution

Our cloud-based solution ensures that authorized physicians can access StrokeViewer on any device, whether they’re in the hospital or at home, and share this with colleagues and network hospitals.

Powerful algorithms to boost interpretation

StrokeViewer is built using cutting edge AI technology to analyse CT scans. Our algorithms utilize a data-driven approach to locate and quantify anomalies with expert-level performance. In combination with high speed VM’s in the cloud, we deliver reliable measurements of stroke biomarkers within minutes.

CE marking and FDA

Our commercially available algorithms are clinically validated and have CE marking and TGA approval. We are currently in the process of getting FDA approval.

Expert opinion 24/7 in 3 minutes

Our technical team works hard to create robust, intuitive, and user-friendly software. This way we make sure that StrokeViewer consists of cutting edge technology, that performs on par with expert neuroradiologists, independent of scanner type or manufacturer. To help (neuro-)radiologist in the best way possible, color-coded overlays and quantitative measures are provided in a pdf-report and web viewer that instantly direct you to the right location in the CT image with our findings.

Easy implementation in 2 hours

The technical implementation of StrokeViewer takes 2 hours only. The current IT-infrastructure remains untouched as StrokeViewer works in parallel, allowing seamless integration with your stroke protocol.

Download flyer

Find out more about StrokeViewer by downloading our flyer.

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Download whitepaper: security

Download our paper to find out how StrokeViewer protects patient sensitive data in the Netherlands (this paper is in Dutch).

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