StrokeViewer® offers physicians clinical decision support through complete assessment of relevant imaging biomarkers within 3 minutes. This allows for faster treatment decisions in stroke, when every minute counts.

Analysis of imaging biomarkers with artificial intelligence

Our algorithms are developed using artificial intelligence, allowing high accuracy and fast analysis of relevant biomarkers from stroke imaging (NCCT, CTA, dynamic CTA and follow-up imaging). The following have been clinically validated:
Hemorrhage detection and quantification
Thrombus identification and evaluation
Collateral assessment

Follow-up infarct volume quantification

In development:

Remote viewing and fast image transfer

With StrokeViewer®, relevant stroke imaging and visualization of biomarkers are also available through our secure web-based viewer, which can be accessed from any device with an internet or mobile connection. This facilitates fast remote viewing independent of location, and fast image transfer between hospitals.

User defined report and notification

Analyzed biomarkers are compiled in a report for clinical decision support. The report can be customized based on user requirements. Immediately after imaging analysis has been performed by StrokeViewer®, you and your colleagues will receive a notification of a report that is available for review.

No changes to standard workflow

StrokeViewer® is a cloud-based service, and does not make any changes to the existing (IT) infrastructure. Imaging can be uploaded directly from the CT-workstation to our secure cloud. Our high-speed cloud works in parallel to your stroke protocol and requires no user input.

Complete security of patient data

We designed StrokeViewer® with complete security of patient sensitive data in mind. Therefore, upload of imaging is in concordance with DICOM Secure Transfer. Furthermore, our system is inaccessible for anyone without credentials to view the data. StrokeViewer® is compliant with CE, ISO/IEC standards and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Download our paper to find out how StrokeViewer protects patient sensitive data in the Netherlands (this paper is in Dutch).

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