Better stroke care.
AI powered.


StrokeViewer® is your AI-powered clinical decision support system, offering a complete assessment of relevant imaging biomarkers within 3 minutes

Complete assessment

Empowers radiologists with objective measurements on any (personal) device

StrokeViewer is unique in supporting the full radiological stroke workup.
Our cloud-based support system uses artificial intelligence to assess all important biomarkers on emergency CT and notifies on call physicians on findings. Paired with rapid image exchange between hospitals and personal devices, StrokeViewer aids the timely and accurate triaging of stroke victims.

Allows for faster and more accurate treatment decisions in stroke, where every second counts.

Thrombus identification

StrokeViewer® precisely indicates where the occlusion is located with expert-level sensitivity and specificity even for distal M2 occlusions. Our technology uses advance neural networks to reinforce the prediction confidence and to minimize false positives. This way we allow radiologists to rapidly make well-informed decisions and reduce the risk of missing patients eligible for treatment.

Hemorrhagic detection

We deliver superior accuracy in the automatic detection of hemorrhages within seconds. StrokeViewer® analyses the original head CTs and displays and overlay for easy interpretation. Our efficient AI algorithm shows excellent performance in segmenting and quantifying the most difficult cases on par with expert neuroradiologists. This provides phycisians with instant volumentric estimation


A better triage tool than the human eye. Highly accurate analysis of the collateral circulation on single-phase and time-invariant CTA images, providing quantitative measures to support radiologists. By combining an excellent vessel segmentation with an excellent thrombus detection, only the true collateral effect is assessed. Making it the most precise evaluation to date. This solution proves to be superior in predicting outcome and treatment efficacy as compared to the current expert-rated standard.


Four-dimensional CTA is increasingly used for the neurovascular assessment of patients presenting clinical stroke symptoms. StrokeViewer boosts the ease of interpretation of these images by visualizing vascular flow disturbances in the brain.

How does StrokeViewer support radiologists?


StrokeViewer® uses clinically validated and CE-marked algorithms to improve image assessment. Unlike a human, the algorithms produce consistent results again and again, not biased by tiredness or other factors.

Deep learning

StrokeViewer® uses advanced deep learning techniques and fast image transfer to immediately visualize findings which can be accessed on any device.

Cloud solutions

No change needed to current workflow as cloud solution works in parallel to current stroke protocol requiring no extra input.


with only 3 minutes from scanner to report in hand, door to groin time can be substantially shortened.


Data can be shared securely with network hospitals.this is fluff text so the text displays correctly

Cost savings

Use of StrokeViewer leads to cost savings for hospitals and societythis is fluff text so the text displays correctly

3 minute workflow

StrokeViewer offers physicians clinical decision support through complete as- sessment of relevant imaging biomarkers within 3 minutes. This allows for faster treatment decisions in stroke, when every minute counts.

StrokeViewer leads to cost savings within hospitals

There is no more time-sensitive treatment in all of medicine than treating the stroke victim. StrokeViewer aids in getting the right treatment on time, thereby improving patient outcome and lowering costs of care. We have developed an elaborate cost model calculating the potential savings StrokeViewer can realize and the return on investment for a hospital.

Our cost model is based on the following assumptions:
  • Accurate triaging of patients for thrombolysis and endovascular therapy increases likelihood of a good outcome
  • Speeding-up time to treatment results in improved patient outcome
  • Patient outcome is the key driver of both hospital and societal costs

1 in 6 people will suffer from stroke in their lifetime. 6 million of the estimated 15 million victims worldwide will die every year. Another 6 million will be permanently disabled for the remainder of their life. To minimize the immense burden of this devastating disease, physicians are faced with the challenging task to quickly evaluate brain images to initiate treatment as soon as possible. Nico.lab’s groundbreaking technology enables fast and accurate image analysis that helps physicians in making well-informed decisions.

Nico.lab developed StrokeViewer to support the complex process of clinical decision-making in a world where every minute counts.

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"With StrokeViewer, I can immediately receive a patient’s CT scan on my mobile phone wherever I am. That saves time by enabling me to interpret the high quality images on the spot. It’s amazing and something I’ve never experienced with the regular Pacs system. Seamless image sharing makes everything so much easier.”

Dr. Wouter de MonyeMedical Director of Radiology at Spaarne Gasthuis