Improving stroke care through AI-supported neuroimaging assessment

Introducing StrokeViewer®




1 in 6 people will suffer from stroke in their lifetime. 6 million of the estimated 15 million victims worldwide will die every year. Another 6 million will be permanently disabled for the remainder of their life. To minimize the immense burden of this devastating disease, physicians are faced with the challenging task to quickly evaluate brain images to initiate treatment as soon as possible. Nico.lab’s groundbreaking technology enables fast and accurate image analysis that helps physicians in making well-informed decisions.

Nico.lab developed StrokeViewer® to support the complex process of clinical decision-making in a world where every minute counts.


Fast evaluation reduces the time needed to initiate treatment, improving the patients’ quality of life. Within 3 minutes, StrokeViewer® informs the physician with a detailed biomarker report and allows remote image viewing on any device, thereby enabling direct transfer of imaging data between stroke care centers in a couple of seconds.


Nico.lab’s clinically validated and CE compliant algorithms are highly accurate, and reliable assess important biomarkers on acute neuroimaging. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms include:


Nico.lab developed StrokeViewer® with state-of-the-art technologies for medical image analysis and is based on the latest clinical research, developments in deep learning, secure data transfers and independent high-speed cloud services. StrokeViewer® is designed to work with the existing infrastructure and protocol of any hospital.

Deep learning

Our team has extensive knowledge on artificial intelligence (AI). We apply the latest advances in deep learning to create state-of-the-art technology.

Hemorrhage detection and quantification

Nico.lab delivers superior accuracy of 96% in the detection of hemorrhagic strokes. On top of that, we offer expert-level performance in segmenting the most difficult hemorrhages within seconds. (CE compliant)

Collateral assessment

Nico.lab offers highly accurate analysis of the collateral circulation on CTA images, providing quantitative measures to support radiologists. Our solution proves to be superior in predicting outcome and treatment efficacy as compared to the current expert-rated standard.

Thrombus identification

We are expert in finding large vessel occlusions on non-contrast CT and CTA images. Our intelligent algorithm automatically identifies thrombi in 88% of the cases, versus 68% as identified by experienced neuroradiologists. (CE compliant)

ASPECTS assessment

In development.


August 27, 2018 in News, Press Release

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